Pharmacy / Chemist

Pharmacy at National Heart Institute is conveniently located in the campus of the Hospital and is open 24/7. All your medicine needs are taken care of at our day and night Pharmacy. Right from rare drugs to surgical material, this shop stocks them all. Stringent quality control ensures that medicines are completely up to date and are of highest quality. Since we house most of the major drugs necessary in the medical treatment, patients and their relatives have easy accessibility to the required drugs any time.

Our pharmacy is staffed only by registered pharmacists.

Services Available Round The Clock

  • Outpatient pharmacy:Outpatient pharmacy: NHI Pharmacy store is located outside of the hospital near A-wing for the OPD/IPD patients and open 24 hrs.

  • In Patient pharmacy: In Patient pharmacy: Medicines and surgical items are made directly available through the inpatient pharmacy to the admitted patients.