The mode of payment is by Cash / Credit Card / Debit Cards (Visa or Master Cards).
Yes, we do have the facility of Cashless Treatment Benefit which is subject to the concerned TPA's Letter of Approval issued to National Heart Institute Hospital.
The valued members of our Privilege Cards (Care Card , Senior Citizen Card,) are entitled to certain percentage of discounts on Bed Charges, OPD Investigations, Medicines etc.
We have the Senior Citizen Privilege Card which entitles a valued member to a 10% discount on Bed Charges, 15% on OPD investigations, 10% on OT charges excluding the Surgical Team's fees and OT medicines.
Patient's relatives may get a regular briefing regarding their patient's condition from their treating Consultant. For fixing an appointment with the Consultant, the family members or relatives of the patients are requested to get in touch with the Floor cordinators at the Reception.
Visitors passes are issued from the Reception.
Only one visitor is allowed to visit the patient at a time.
You can send your complain at complaints@nhi.in.